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Go Fish

Do you remember asking the following question?  Do you have any 5’s?” Well, that was yesterday's game.  Today, Go Fish US History is an opportunity for kids to collect not four simple cards but rather categories like presidents, scientists, artists, etc.  In fact, there are 13 categories, and each has four subjects.  Each subject has four interesting facts.  Like the original Go Fish, the objective is to complete as many categories as possible – earning a point for each category.  


The player with the most points wins the game.  However, we've added two additional versions of the classic game.  Games 2 and 3 test your knowledge about each subject.  Each player reads a clue and only earns a point when they guess the correct subject.  A clue, for example, would be… “Who wrote the Constitution?  Answer… James Madison, and earn a point.  Kids can't help but learn!

U.S. History

us history - kids book
NAPPA winner
us history - kids book
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Science - go fish

Go Fish

This version has the same format as Go Fish US History.  Categories include poisonous plants, the respiratory system, natural energy, the fastest animals, the Universe, etc.  Again, there are 13 categories. Collect all 4 of a particular category and earn a point.  Once again, the most points win.  Games 2 and 3 rely on learning facts about each subject within that category.


One player reads a clue, and other players have an opportunity to identify the subject.  Guess correctly and earn a point.  Example: Clue… What is the planet closest to the sun?  Answer… Mercury.  That player receives the colorful Mercury card and earns a point.  The most points win!


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Go Fish

Kids love dinosaurs! Kids love Go Fish! So, what could be better than combining these 2 GREAT topics!  Like Go Fish, Go Fish Dinos have 13 categories of dinosaurs from the largest, fastest, strangest, meanest dinosaurs that evolution ever created. And, each Dino lists 3 interesting facts.


The person that collects the most groups of 4, wins!  In Game 2, several of the Dinos are worth extra points! Outsmart your competitor by strategically hunting for these apex predators and you are your way to becoming, The Lizard King! 


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Dinos Sample Set - Small
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Go Fish

Before John Glenn was able to circle Earth, Katherine Johnson of NASA calculated his orbital path. And of course, she is just one star! There are countless examples of women that have blazed their own path. From gold medalists to astronauts, from fashion designers to jet fighters, from scientists to rock stars, there's nothing women can't achieve!


Go Fish Girl Power is dedicated to young women everywhere. There are 13 categories of industries with 4 high achievers in each. Complete the most categories, earn the most points and you win Go Fish! Game 2 is all about challenging your friends to correctly identify these women. Guess correctly and you are on your way to declaring, "I'VE GOT GIRL POWER!"


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kids funny book
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mini map - usa puzzle

We all know that puzzles are fun.  Puzzles that have only 49 pieces are more fun!  And puzzles that allow you to learn where all the states are is a lot more fun than trying to memorize.  Buy it, build it and enjoy!  It's bright and colorful, and each state is clearly marked, including Hawaii and Alaska.  Building is learning! 

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Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Hodgenville, Kentucky

Albert Einstein

Honestly, Go Fish USA History is a great game.  The fact that they remembered my Emancipation Proclamation speech is wonderful.  Mary Todd and I love to argue over who was the most famous president.  And that George Washington, what a character!  I could go on for hours, but why, get the game and enjoy it with the whole family. 
albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Princeton, NJ

This game is genius!  Of course, I was smart, but after playing this game, I learned so much.  I learned about other scientists, great baseball players, and some of the greatest artists of their day.  Quite frankly, I'm not sure I would have discovered E = MC 2 had it not been for this game.  Get it, and you too will be brilliant, like me, Albert Einstein. 
babe ruth

Babe Ruth

Sudbury, Massachusetts

This game is a home run!  As a famous baseball player, I love to be competitive.  I hit 714 home runs.  And sure, maybe Hank Aaron beat my record in 1974, but you know what Hank never did?  He never beat me in Go Fish US History or Go Fish Science.  That record is unbeatable!  Get both games and challenge your friends.  I bet if you win enough times, they will name a candy bar after you!  Sincerely, Babe Ruth


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About Us

Why KosoGames…  I always felt there was a lot of core information I just didn't know about our country.  And as I talked to others, I felt there was a lot of core information they didn't know either.  Like, who wrote the Constitution? How high is the Empire State Building, and what are some of history's most significant scientific discoveries?  Then it hit me. Why not combine factual information that all kids and some adults should know, with one of the most popular kids' games, Go Fish!  


Voila!  KosoGames was born.  KosoGames — where fun and education collide.  Currently, we have 3 Go Fish Games: US History, Science and Dinosaurs.  I hope you find each one more entertaining and educational than the last. But don't say “educational” to your kids.  Let that be a surprise.  Also, check out My Mini Map, U.S.A. edition.  I didn't know who wrote the Constitution, and I didn't know where Wisconsin was… but I do now!  Enjoy! 


Regarding the company name, well that’s easy. My name is Richard Kosoff, and I am the owner and President of KosoGames.  Here’s a little fun fact about my family name and my business partner’s name.    


My grandpop came to America and landed with his two other brothers at Ellis Island in the early 1900’s.  Unfortunately, they all got off the ship at different times.  If you know how Ellis Island worked, new family names were assigned to each individual as they entered the terminal and presented their papers, AKA: the gateway to the United States.  Our family name was Kosofsky, very Russian indeed, as the three brothers all came from Minsk.  My grandpop was assigned the name Kosoff, his brother disembarking 1 hour later became Kraus, and the 3rd brother became Koso.  I always liked the name Koso, and hence the name KosoGames was born. 


Perhaps even more entertaining is my partner's name, Brad Center.  His grandfather also landed at Ellis Island.  In this case, Brad's grandfather was asked to stand in the “center” line during processing.  He stood there waiting patiently.  When it was his turn, they asked for his family name.  Unfortunately, he didn't understand a word of English, so he simply repeated back the only word he heard, Center.  That is how Brad’s family got their name. Worth mentioning, Brad is 6’5” tall. So needless to say, when playing for the George Washington High School basketball team, you probably can guess his starting position. 


Brad and I are both from Philadelphia and met in kindergarten, Pollock School to be exact.  That was a very, very long time ago. So now you have a little background on Brad and me, where we met, and the origins of our names. If you have any other questions or suggestions for games,  please be sure to reach out to us on the “Contact Us,” tab.  All the best,  Richard Kosoff

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